The Eyes and Ears of  Tiger Town

Have you ever wanted to be a sports announcer? A camera man? Audio engineer? Or even a TV or Radio host? Here at WAVM,  all of these opportunities are offered to you!

WAVM is a completely student run radio and television station situated in Maynard High School in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. WAVM has evolved from a closet-sized radio station to a multi-faceted multimedia station which now reaches more listeners and viewers than ever. WAVM serves the local community in all sorts of ways from its weekly church radio-broadcasts to its annual Beacon Santa Telethon which raises tens of thousands of dollars for the needy families of Massachusetts each year. WAVM continues to mold the minds of youngsters and expose them to the vast world of the communications industry. With its newly-expanded broadcast region, WAVM goes on to provide its services to the community and soon the state of Massachusetts.


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