Dining Divas is a completely female-hosted cooking show that has become the favorite in a newly formed rivalry between WAVM’s male-themed cooking show, Manly Cooking. Every other week, Hannah Briggs and co. create unique and delicious dishes, beverages, and desserts and show you how to make them yourself.  Don’t forget to watch for a random Dining Dude who will often make appearances on the show to sample each dish. Join us every Wednesday at 7 PM for an hour of food, laughs, and good times.


Group 1:
Bernadette Benn*
Julia Synan
Emma Jacques
Lucas Pepin

Group 2:
Anna Manning
Hannah Booth
Meredith Cormier
Kaitlyn Gargas

Molly McPhail


Group 1:
Justin Wilkins
Max Bakalos
Bobby Charb
Pat O’Neil
Alyssa E.
Olivia M.

Group 2:
Michael Dao
Aidan O’Brien
AJ Noble
Michael Boyle
Nick Reilly
Lucas Koskinen
Talal Siddiqui