First of all, thank you for visiting this site and reading about WAVM with its trials and tribulations. Just by stopping in, you have made all of our hard work worthwhile. Thanks again.

Secondly, the editor of this web site posed a lot of questions to a lot of people, some of whom didn’t realize why. However, none of these people balked at giving a helping hand. These individuals proved essential in creating the 25th Anniversary Web Site. Thanks to:

Janet Kendra, Florence Tomyl, John Boothroyd Sr., Steve Cullinane, Mike McKendry, and Sally Boothroyd for the contacts; Mark Minasian was also absolutely indispensable in this area; John Boothroyd Jr., Russ Arena, Jim Rakiey, Pete Slabysz, John LaFauce Jr., Tracy Reilly, Amy Forand, Marcia Dudley, Bill Nelson, Bill Cassidy, Fred Bailey, Jonathan Place, Dave Griffin, and Karl Nyholm for much of the material. Joyce Filz, Ellen Gilfeather for the advice; Dr. Kennedy, Linda Koskinen, Jeff Hesketh, Paul & Kathy Boothroyd, Linda Gilberti, June Morgan & The Maynard Beacon, Father Quinn, and Steve Weiner & Conrad Miller at the Maynard Public Library for the support; Joseph P. Magno (a.k.a “Mags”) for the information and extensive-latitude to work freely; And to all of the WAVM members, present and past. If not for your camaraderie, this project wouldn’t have been started in the first place.


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