Who We Are

WAVM is a student-run radio and cable TV station broadcasting from Maynard High School in Maynard, MA. Since 1973, WAVM has served the community of Maynard through numerous programs and services from Sunday Church Services, to weekly radio shows, to the annual, community-classic Beacon Santa Telethon. WAVM is recognized for its student-leaders that run the station everyday.

The station has an extremely rich history, starting as an AV club, acquiring a radio license to run a closet-sized radio station and eventually acquiring channel 8/28 of public access TV from the town. These accomplishments have enabled WAVM to grow, especially after the new high school was built. WAVM can now broadcast radio over a 23 mile radius, as well as broadcasting TV on a similar scale.


What We Can Do For You

WAVM offers customized services for practically anyone! Whether it be off-site promotional ad shooting, to simply advertising your business or event on both our radio and television station, we’re always available. We are incredibly flexible to your needs and can offer more 1 on 1 interaction than most other professional companies (not to mention the cost savings). For more information feel free to contact us!